Every gang featured in the movie is below. Click on a logo to jump straight to a gang, or scroll down to see them all.

The Warriors - brown leather vests, jeans.

The heroes of the movie, wrongfully blamed for Cyrus's death.

    Cleon, the warchief.  
    Swan, who takes over as warchief when Cleon gets wrecked.  
    Ajax, the muscle.  
    Rembrant, the tagger.  
    Vermin, the ladies man.  
    Fox, witness to Cyrus getting shot.  
    Warriors vs. the Orphans.









The Rogues - the gang that killed Cyrus and framed the Warriors.

    Luther, leader of the Rogues.  
    "Warriors, come out and pla~y!"  
    Showdown on Coney Island.









The Baseball Furies - tried to stop the Warriors in Central Park, got bopped.










The Lizzies - the only all-female gang. Lured some of the Warriors into their pad, got bopped.










The Orphans - small time. Tried to stop the Warriors from crossing their turf, got wrecked.










The Punks.  









The Gramercy Riffs - the largest gang in the city, lead by Cyrus.

    Masai (center) becomes the leader after Cyrus is killed.  









The Hi-Hats.









The Boppers.









The Electric Eliminators.









The Savage Huns.









The Turnbull ACs.










The Saracens.









The Van Cortlandt Rangers.









The Hurricanes.









The Moon Runners.










Satans Mothers.









The Jones Street Boys.









The Boyle Avenue Runners.









The Gladiators.










The Panzers.
























Mercy is from the Orphan's turf. She ends up tagging along with the Warriors.  













The undercover cop in central park.  


The Candy Store Girl.  


The prom couples that sit across from Swan and Mercy on the train to Stillwell.